Upcycled Leather Shop Where No Two Bags Are Alike

Why Vaan & Co.?

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Upcycled Leather Shop Where No Two Bags Are Alike

When it comes to beautifully designed, top quality up-cycled leather bags, Vaan & Co. is definitely the place to go! Vaan & Co. started out as a small family business in 2015. The family behind the up-cycled leather bags had the vision to express their own artistic tastes by providing exquisitely designed leather fashion items. Being in the fashion industry for over 20 years, they came up with their own unique brand of style that their customers just adore!


Why Vaan & Co?


With so many online leather bag stores on the internet, what makes Vaan & Co. so special? Here are five main reasons why customers choose Vaan & Co.


  • They Have Upcycled Products


What's up with upcycled products? Well, upcycled leather products are not only great for making handcrafted items, but they're also very good for the environment. So by using upcycled products, Vaan & Co. not only makes people happy, but they also make mother nature happy. This, in turn, makes the whole world happy.


  • They Have Their Own Unique Taste and Techniques


Unlike other stores, Vaan & Co. puts their focus on creativity. All their designs are unique and very artistic. In fact, there are no two designs that look the same! This is because the people behind Vaan & Co. all have a passion for fashion and strive to make all their designs different. They also have their own brand of special techniques that make the detailing extremely intricate. Customers will notice that each stitch was done with the utmost care. That adds to the whole charm of Vaan & Co.'s leather bags.


  • Their Bags Are Insanely Beautiful


Aside from being affordable, eco-friendly, and unique, their bags are simply beautiful. One of the main reasons why people buy bags in the first place is because of aesthetic appeal. Vaan & Co. definitely gets top points in this department.


  • They Choose Quality Over Quantity


It's quite obvious in the way that their bags are designed that Vaan & Co. prioritizes quality over sales. As mentioned above, Vaan & Co.'s bag makers pay very close attention to details when crafting their bags. With this, one can easily tell that they are a company that values customer satisfaction above all-- and this is very important for any shop.


  • They Give Reasonable Prices


Need a beautifully crafted leather backpack, handbag, or cross body bag but have a limited budget? No problem, because Vaan & Co. provides all of their items at the most reasonable prices! While most stores charge a bomb for quality leather bags, Vaan & Co. lowers the bar so that everyone can afford beautiful bags like these.




With these reasons, it's pretty easy to see why everyone loves Vaan & Co. With affordable prices, divine designs, exquisite detail, and love for the environment, Vaan & Co. is definitely a one-stop place for the best upcycle bags that one can find on the market. In fact, people love upcycled materials these days. Not only because it's good for the environment but also because remanufactured materials can give a very quaint vibe that brand new products can't seem to get. Vaan & Co. definitely gives this to all their customers.



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